Kansas City transcends satire with controversial tourism slogan

Kansas City has left satirists across the world lost for words after releasing the most perfectly horrible tourism slogan ever written.

Thanks to what we can only hope is a very unfortunate typo, the American flyover city proudly declared that it “welcomes 25 million visitors anally.” The message has since gone viral, much like some other things that are spread anally… 

“We’re furious!” said a spokesman from the American Satirist Society (ASS). “Our ASS members are trying to eke out a living poking fun at world. But when some idiot from Kansas accidentally writes something that’s five times funnier than anything we could come up with, our ASS gets chewed up and spat out!” 

It’s our ASS on the line, and we don’t want it to get destroyed anally!

In response to the backlash, Kansas City Council quickly removed all signage displaying the controversial mistake. By the next morning, the city was awash with billboards displaying the back-up tourism slogan: “Kansas City: a hole lot of fun!”

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