Heavily tanned Greek man offers female backpacker “the package tour”

A middle-aged Greek man wearing several kilograms worth of gold jewellery has offered a young female tourist “the package tour,” witnesses at Athens’ largest ferry terminal have confirmed.

Passersby heard Nikos Papageorgiopolous, 36, suggesting that the 20-year-old Swedish backpacker take “a trip to the three fingers.” The ambiguous phrase could suggest a visit to Greek tourist hotspot Halkidiki, /or his amply adorned right hand.

Witnesses told The Tragic Traveller that the heavily bronzed and perfumed Papageorgiopolous – whose white linen shirt was open to the fourth button – had offered the girl “a taste of some spicy local sausage” as part of the package tour.

“You know baby, all the ladies love my peninsula,” Papageorgiopolous told the clearly uncomfortable tourist while smoothing back his oiled, jet-black hair. “They just love how it thrusts out into the sea if you know what I mean.”

Papageorgiopolous appeared much less keen to sell a tour to the blonde girl when her 200 cm boyfriend returned from the bathroom.

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