Woman who spent 14 hours on Skyscanner just saved $4 on her flight

An Australian woman who was trapped in a Skyscanner rabbit hole until 4:45 am this morning has saved four whole dollars on her Melbourne to London flight.

Management consultant Lisa Blackburn began her search just after lunch yesterday, and soon became so obsessed that she cancelled two important meetings with clients in the afternoon. She didn’t get home until 10:30 pm, having stayed at her desk on the hunch that she could save several hundred bucks by flying to Kyrgyzstan, catching a bus across the border to Kazakhstan, then connecting through to London via Chad.

“You’ve gotta put in the hard yards to get that great deal,” she told The Tragic Traveller with a manic grin, wiping away a streak of mascara that had dripped down her cheek.

“It might not be that big a saving, but then again that’s all part of the fun of planning a holiday!” 

Blackburn’s top lip began visibly quivering as she went through her final itinerary.

“In the end I’ve got stopovers in Dubai, Beijing and Vladivostok, but three of my four flights are with Emirates, so I’m really not too concerned that it’s going to take … fuck, 49 hours to get there,” she said, her fingernails digging so deep into her thigh that they’d begun to draw blood.

Blackburn was later heard screaming over the sound of shattering glass as she realised that she’d have to pay a $79 baggage fee on the Beijing-Vladivostok leg.

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