Girl flies halfway around the world to do exactly what she always does at home

Despite having spent more than $2000 to fly from Sydney to Paris, Janelle Tapscott has amazed her Instagram followers by doing exactly what she would do on a regular day in her hometown.

The day after landing in the French capital, the 23-year-old arts student’s social media feed was so similar to what she posts every day that her friends wondered if she’d actually left.

“She may as well still be in Newtown sipping organic soy lattes and identifying the need for trigger warnings in her university textbooks,” Insta friend Parmina Singh told The Tragic Traveller.

“At 7:46 am she posted a selfie wearing her pink LuLuLemon workout clothes and doing yoga in the park. Then at 9:21 she was eating smashed avocado in a post-industrial cafe where the menu was all in lowercase letters. I mean, fuck.”

“She then had the audacity to post a picture of herself sporting a bright purple pixie haircut and wearing her ironic ACDC T-shirt with the hashtag #jesuisparisien,” Singh added. “Not only is that the least Parisian photo I’ve ever seen, but the fucking hashtag is grammatically wrong.”

Singh admitted she was at her wits’ end after having scrolled through an afternoon worth of close-up selfies taken against indistinct backgrounds accompanied by the hashtag #sightsofparis.

“She could at least buy a baguette, take a cheesy photo of herself trying to put her finger on top of the Eiffel Tower but missing, and step in some dog shit left on the footpath by an inconsiderate man in a beret. You know, some typical Parisian experiences,” Singh said. “Come on Janelle – give me something to be jealous of!”  

At the time of publication, Tapscott had bucked the trend by drinking a pint of Fosters at a Walkabout pub, something no rational-minded Australian would ever, EVER do.

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