Kenyan far-right activists march against white gangs “hooning around in Jeeps, terrorising our animals!”

Far-right activists in Kenya have protested against the growing number of white gangs invading their country.

At a Reclaim Kenya rally on Sunday, protesters chanted anti-white slogans as they marched through central Nairobi. The group calls itself a “resistance movement” against the European gangs they claim are roaming their country’s national parks armed with DSLR cameras and hiking poles.

Reclaim Kenya spokesman Brian Kotrel said it was every Kenyan’s duty to protect their country.

“This white European invasion is an attack on our culture!” Kotrel screamed through a megaphone. “These ghosts think they can come here, hire our Jeeps, and chase our native Kenyan animals across the savannah. Well, we think it’s time for them to fuck off back where they came from!”

The white gangs use Instagram to communicate.

Kotrel quoted statistics from Kenyan alt-right news site Frightbart during his speech.

“The number of European scumbags flooding into this country increases by 20% every year,” Kotrel shouted. “Our government encourages it. Instead of protecting our borders, they lure these Europeans in with flashy tourism campaigns and affordable safari packages!”

Whites are 77 times more likely to scare a lion to death with the flash on their camera. That’s not racism, that’s a fact!

Responding to questions about Reclaim Kenya’s use of violence and racist symbology, Kotrel said his organisation needed to take extreme measures to protect Kenya’s national security.

“We’re just defending ourselves against terrorists who want to turn our country into a Western liberal caliphate,” Kotrel said. “Soon enough everyone in Kenya will be drinking soy lattes, subscribing to Netflix, and sexualising women while simultaneously complaining about sexualising women.”

A lion feasts on the remains of a European who got separated from his gang.

European leaders in Kenya were quick to denounce the protests and defend their community. In a statement, they said irresponsible safari gangs represented a tiny minority of the white population.

“The vast majority of whites don’t engage in any safari-related activities. We just want to integrate into the Kenyan community and run our diamond mines in peace.”

Senator Fredrick Achieng stirred up further controversy when it emerged he’d used taxpayers’ money to attend the event. Achieng later defended his decision.

“It was 100% necessary for me to catch a private helicopter to this event,” Achieng told The Tragic Traveller. “How were we supposed to attract national attention without a cheap – sorry, extremely expensive – publicity stunt?”

At the time of publication, far-right activists were setting fire to a large wooden lowercase ‘t’ on the front lawn of the US embassy. The protesters claimed this symbol stood for the word ‘tourists.’

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