Eastern European train stops in the middle of nowhere for no reason

Passengers on board an Eastern European train are growing increasingly frustrated as their vehicle enters its 37th minute of complete, unexplained motionlessness.

The train, which was en route from Kiev to Minsk, came to a gentle halt in a cornfield at 11:32 this morning. Since then, confused passengers have been trying to work out why.

“I don’t think there was a mechanical failure,” American passenger Jeff Stern told The Tragic Traveller. “It can’t be a scheduled stop; there’s no station near here, and we’re still several hours from the border. I guess Eastern European trains just do this sometimes.”

Stern said he’d tried asking several locals what was happening, but nobody seemed the slightest bit concerned.

The staff are just acting like this happens every day. They’re standing outside having a smoke while we’re trapped in here. It doesn’t make any sense.

At publication time, Stern had decided to use the on-board toilet, a decision he instantly regretted.T

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