Indian man falls asleep outside his own shop shortly after midday

An Indian man has challenged the notion of traditional working hours by falling asleep on the chair outside his mobile phone shop at 12:45 pm on a Tuesday.

Witnesses have confirmed that Sourav Ranjul, 44, has been sound asleep for more than half an hour while the front door to his business remains wide open. Neighbouring shopkeepers have taken it upon themselves to ward off intruders while Ranjul is unconscious.

“Sourav likes to nap around this time of day,” a nearby shopkeeper told The Tragic Traveller. “From 12:45 until about 2:30 he enters a slumber so profound that not even an archwizard summoning a thousand furious battle giants with an enormous enchanted horn could rouse him.”

Dutch backpacker Laura Haart dropped her broken phone off at Ranjul’s shop this morning. She recently returned to find the owner passed out with the now-repaired phone clutched in his hand.

Haart said she doesn’t know what to do, having never encountered this situation in Holland.

“It would be rude to wake him up, but I also really need to get my iPhone back,” Haart said. “Maybe I should just wait another 15 minutes and see if he comes to?”

At press time, witnesses had spotted Haart awkwardly trying to extract her iPhone from Ranjul’s grip and replace it with a wad of hundred-rupee notes.

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