Moldovan government releases new tourism slogan: “At least it’s cheap …”

After months of brainstorming, the Moldovan government has released its new tourist slogan: “At least it’s cheap …”

“We wanted to really encapsulate Moldova’s spirit in four words,” Nicolescu told The Tragic Traveller. “By focusing on just how goddamn cheap everything is here, we’re hoping to really bring in the tourism dollars. Well, cents.”

Nicolescu pointed out that even though the majority of his country looks like a Soviet-era nightmare, it still has plenty of cultural treasures to offer at an insanely low price.

“Look, Moldova has a fascinating culture representing the collision of Russian and Romanian influences,” he said. “We also have a centuries-old tradition of wine-making and some of the tastiest cheeses in the world.”

“But we realise you don’t care about any of that unless you can drink yourself into oblivion for $1.80. So, yes, we’re officially cheaper than Thailand – that’s our pitch.”

Nicolescu said the government was considering boosting tourism by giving every tourist a 15 kg gift hamper of local produce to take home with them. At the time of publication, such a hamper was worth approximately US$0.65.

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