Tourist becomes vegan after trying fermented horse milk in Kyrgyzstan

An overly adventurous tourist has sworn to become vegan just moments after drinking fermented horse milk in Kyrgyzstan.

Backpacker Sara Matsumoto, 34, told The Tragic Traveller she’d never let another animal product pass her lips after her harrowing encounter with the fermented horse milk.

“My god,” Matsumoto said. “It’s like an evil spirit crawled into my mouth and died. How do they let children drink this stuff?”

If this is the best thousands of years of cultural evolution can produce, then I think I’ll stick with salad.

Fermented horse milk – which tastes like normal milk except it’s rancid, it’s alcoholic, and for some reason it hates you – is a staple throughout Central Asia. Locals call the drink Kumis,” and they prize it for its distinctly sour flavour.

“Honestly, veganism looks pretty good right now,” Matsumoto said. “There’s nothing you could do to a vegetable to make it taste this bad.”

“Oh my god, I just got like a delayed aftertaste. It’s exactly like when you wake up with a hangover and your tongue feels furry and tastes slightly like vomit. Yuck!”

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