Backpacker switches to feminist pick-up lines in honour of International Women’s Day

A backpacker who fancies himself as a ladies’ man is keeping it respectful on International Women’s Day.

French backpacker Giles Lamerde, 24, told The Tragic Traveller he’ll only use feminist pick-up lines today. However, he admitted that’s mainly because he’s in California and “the girls here are super uptight, man.”

“I usually lead with something classy, like ‘Your friend is out of my league, but you’ll do,'” he said. “Today, however, is all about making women feel empowered enough to sleep with me.”

Lamerde asked The Tragic Traveller to observe as he tried – and failed – to court a number of women with his respectful moves.

“You’re a strong independent woman, so I know you won’t get upset when I sneak out tomorrow morning,” he said to one woman.

You can treat me like a piece of meat. I don’t mind.

Another woman slapped Lamerde after he told her “tonight is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be on top.”

At publication time, Lamerde was having a bit more success by simply falling to his knees and begging.

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