Not all those who wander are lost. But I sure am.

Before you judge any long-term traveller, you should remember the famous saying: “Not all those who wander are lost.” After all, many travellers use their worldly experience to make a lasting, meaningful impact on the planet. Not me, though. I’m fucked.

There are many reasons why one might focus on exploring the world rather than advancing their career. They might feel that the capitalistic pursuit of material wealth is, at its very core, hollow and meaningless. They might want to expand their mind and contribute to creating a more unified global society. Or, like me, they might just be a complete and utter lost cause.

Think of all the great travellers and what they’ve brought to the world. From Marco Polo and David Attenborough to Bill Bryson and Louis Theroux, these people have all enriched our collective conscience in one way or another. I’m proud to call myself a traveller alongside those heroes, even though I’ve achieved nothing in life.

When you (rightly) judge me for being lazy and blame it on my travel habit, you cast a shadow over all explorers. That’s not fair. Not all who wander are pathetic leeches who can’t get a job. That’s just me you’re thinking of.

So, please keep an open mind when it comes to people’s travel choices. And if you’re going to judge me for making poor life choices, don’t blame my wanderlust. Blame it on my many crippling personality defects.

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