“Shit, did I lock my front door?” wonders mountaineer moments after scaling Everest

As she surveyed the breathtaking scenery from the highest point on the planet, mountaineer Nora Houssein couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d forgotten to lock her front door when she left home two months ago.

The inspirational climber – who has trained for four years just for this journey – made an emergency radio call just seconds after reaching the summit of Mount Everest. During her frantic conversation with The Tragic Traveller‘s Nepal correspondent, she explained her mistake.

“I’ve waited my whole life for this moment and all I can think about is my fucking front door,” she said. “This is view is so magical. The mountaintops look like a cluster of frosty black diamonds glinting in the sunlight. I can feel the very presence of God with every breath I take. And I’m absolutely certain that my front door is wide open.”

Houssein – who has gained widespread renown as a trailblazer for female adventurers of Middle Eastern descent – was burning through her oxygen supply rapidly as she tried to stave off a panic attack.

“I haven’t had Wi-Fi for six weeks,” she said. “They’ve probably stolen all of Nan’s jewellery, the bastards!”

“What if the insurance company has been trying to reach me all this time? They’ll have definitely written it off as fraud by this stage. Fuck.”

At publication time, Houssein had just remembered that she’d probably definitely left her gas stove on, too.

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