BREAKING: Tourist in Iran ambushed by lunch invitations, held at kebab point, forced to sleep in family’s spare bedroom

Sensational footage of locals ambushing an unsuspecting tourist in Iran has emerged on the internet.

The first of three videos clearly shows several young Iranian men approaching Swiss tourist Loic Gaultier as he films a video selfie in Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan Square. The men then bombard Gaultier with threats such as “Welcome to Iran” and “You are our guest in this beautiful country.”

Just seconds after the heated exchange, a man and woman come into frame. “My husband and I would be honoured to take you to lunch,” the woman says ominously. She and her husband then lead Gaultier off to a near-certain skewering.

About half an hour later, Gaultier’s captor posted an Instagram video showing her husband thrusting a shashlik at the hapless tourist. Seemingly unaware of the peril he is in, Gaultier takes a chunk of lamb and says “Merci,” smiling.

The Tragic Traveller has chosen not to publish the footage due to the graphic injuries inflicted upon the kebab meat. We can, however, confirm that the couple viciously refused Gaultier’s attempts to pay for the meal.

In one final video published later that evening, Gaultier appears alone in a dimly lit room. He recounts the day’s events and explains how the husband and wife dragged him back to their spare bedroom. His captors then appear on screen, seemingly mocking Gaultier by waving at the camera and “sending our love from Iran to your family.”

At press time, Gaultier had just published an Instagram post reading: “Don’t listen to the haters. Iran is the literally the nicest country I’ve ever been to.”

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