Hitchhiker who believes in socialist tax structures refuses to chip in for fuel money

A “free-spirited” hitchhiker who believes society needs to move away from individualism has angrily refused to give her Mexican driver fuel money for their 290 km journey together.

Self-proclaimed socialist Viola Kaminsky was irate when the struggling farmer – who had driven more than an hour out of his way to drop her safely at her destination – humbly asked her for the equivalent of US$6.40 in petrol money.

“Who the fuck do you think you are??” a livid Kaminsky screamed at the apologetic driver. “Was this whole trip just a ruse to get your grubby hands on my money? You’re just as bad as Donald fucking Trump.”

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t afford to pay you,” added Kaminsky, who has lived off her family’s trust fund for the past three years. “Hitchhiking is free. That’s the law of the road, man.”

Kaminsky – who regularly writes emotively worded messages about the importance of taxpayer-funded healthcare on Facebook – slammed the door on the driver and gave him the finger as he drove off. She then double-checked to make sure he hadn’t swiped any of the hundred-dollar bills in her wallet.

At publication time, Kaminsky was criticising the free dinner her hosts had prepared for her as “pretty bland and not nearly big enough.”

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