Long-term traveller hilariously pranks family by telling them he’ll be home for Mum’s birthday

An Australian backpacker who has been away for more than four years has played the ultimate April fool’s prank on his family by telling them he’ll be home in time for his mum’s 60th birthday.

Self-proclaimed “full-time traveller” Dean Menegucci delivered the epic burn via Skype this morning. He told his parents he’d already bought a flight that would see him arrive on 17 April, two days before his mum’s big milestone.

“Haha, the look on Mum’s face was priceless!” he told The Tragic Traveller. “I let it hang for about 10 minutes; just enough time for her to burst into tears and tell me how much she loves me. Then I shouted ‘APRIL FOOL’S!!!’ and watched her heart break right in front of me.”

I’ve got a trust fund and an Australian passport; I’m not coming home for 10 years, mate.

Menegucci reported that his “dumbass parents” had “bought it hook, line, and sinker,” just like the previous year when he hilariously convinced them that he’d gone to Syria to join ISIS.

“Mate, my parents are so bloody gullible. Next year I’m dead set gunna tell them I’m stuck in a Liberian hospital with ebola and only three weeks to live. They’ll totally fly over, just watch.”

At publication time, Menegucci had just pranked a major international airport by calling to report a suspicious package.

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