“These people have nothing but they’re so happy!” tweets man from iPhone XS Max

An American businessman who has spent nearly 20 minutes in a Senegalese village has shared his newfound minimalist philosophy with the world by tweeting it on his iPhone XS Max.

After stopping for a traditional village lunch on his way back to the Marriott hotel, mining executive Michael Dunnington-Mayer found himself drawing spiritual inspiration from the locals’ simple way of life. He used his gold-plated iPhone to send a philosophical message to his Twitter followers, almost all of whom are fellow C-level businessmen.

“These people have nothing but they’re so happy!” the tweet began. “It really makes you think about our capitalistic Western lifestyle,” added Dunnington-Mayer, who just yesterday approved the demolition of 1000 hectares of nearby jungle to make way for a new lithium mine.

“Maybe we should focus less on material wealth and more on internal happiness,” continued Dunnington-Mayer, whose Beverly Hills mansion features an underground garage where he keeps his four Porsches.

In a tweet posted a few hours later, Dunnington-Mayer applauded Donald Trump’s “business-friendly tax policy” alongside the hashtag #trickledowneconomics.

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