Americans in shock as Aussie backpacker casually drops 17th C-bomb of the morning

An Aussie backpacker has offended his American hosts by repeatedly letting slip the foulest of all four-letter words.

Seemingly unaware of how taboo the word is in the US, Australian traveller Corey Wittlington released a casual tirade of C-bombs over breakfast that would have made a Bostonian sailor blush. During his filthy soliloquy, he managed to use the C-banger as a noun, an adjective, and even somehow as a verb.

“Yeah, nah, Donald Trump’s a bit of a c#$%, ‘ey,” Wittlington told the incredulous Americans. “And I don’t mean he’s a sick c#$% like my mate Robbo. I mean he’s a real shit c#$% like that racist bloke, Fraser Anning. Maybe even c#$%ier.”

Egg the c#$%, I reckon.

As the Americans looked on in horror, the oblivious Aussie backpacker continued to spray them with the unnecessarily offensive word.

“I went out on the piss last night and drank a metric c#$%load of beer. Absolutely c#$%ed myself,” Wittlington continued. “You c#$%s should join me tonight, ‘ey!”

Shortly after the initial flood of C-bombs, witnesses heard Wittlington answering his phone with a loud exclamation of “G’day c#$%, how ya doin’?!” Phone records obtained by The Tragic Traveller reveal the Aussie backpacker was speaking to his mum at the time.

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