Woman catching ferry from Calais to Dover Brexits more successfully than the UK

Amid increasing political disarray, at least one Brit has successfully managed to leave Europe.

Just before noon today, British holidaymaker Tara Stenglesen achieved what thousands of highly paid politicians have failed to do when she successfully managed to negotiate her exit from Europe. Even more remarkable is the fact that she achieved the feat without invoking Article 50 or stirring up tensions along the Irish border.

“I just left Europe haha,” Stenglesen tweeted. “I don’t know why Theresas having such a hard time, just catch the ferry from Calais to Dover. Its easy lol.”

Stenglesen’s ingenious Brexit solution simply involved taking a short holiday to France, then catching the ferry back across to Dover. The tweet describing her master plan quickly went viral as Brits realised her Brexit strategy was much more logical and less likely to result in economic Armageddon than their government’s.

Stenglesen soon followed up her popular tweet with another nugget of brilliance.

It only takes 90 minutes to Brexit from Calais to Dover u guys. Tho I guess once we have a hard border itll take like 3 weeks roflmao.

The Tragic Traveller can confirm that since her tweet, Stenglesen has received dozens of calls from desperate Tory MPs begging her to help them sort out the fucking catastrophic mess they’ve got themselves into.

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