Social outcast wastes life seeing the world instead of watching TV show

While the rest of the world is tuning into Game of Thrones season 8, one social outcast won’t be watching Daenerys take on the Lannisters.

The Tragic Traveller can confirm 28-year-old Sharmini Rajpat is currently exploring the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia instead of watching the world’s most popular TV show. Rajpat said she has no intention of getting into the series, and instead wants to focus on “wandering, immersing myself in other cultures, and making the world around me just a little bit brighter.”

“I don’t really have time for TV,” said the social pariah, who wouldn’t know what a white walker was if it bit her on the face. “Why do people stare at screens when there’s such a beautiful universe all around us?”

“Some people like to fantasize about adventures. I prefer to live mine,” added Rajpat, who hasn’t achieved anything in life other than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, completing the Kokoda Track, writing an award-winning PhD thesis on the religious ceremonies of remote Amazonian tribes, and negotiating peace agreements between warring clans in Afghanistan.

Rajpat’s bunkmate at her Cappadocia hostel said the annoyingly motivated woman had been bumming out his GoT vibe.

“She’s incapable of having the most basic conversation about pop culture,” thefrustrated bankmate said. “I asked her who she thought would win the Iron Throne. She had no idea, so she responded by explaining how the remote Bolivian community she lived with chooses its monarchs. What a bitch.”

At publication time, the social outcast was out squandering her morning on a hot air balloon ride while her fellow hostel guests watched GoT fan theory videos on their smartphones.

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