Tourist’s Paris itinerary suddenly becomes less hectic

Notre Dame’s fiery collapse has had at least one semi-positive consequence, with an Australian tourist’s Paris itinerary suddenly becoming a lot freer.

Backpacker Antonia Lekkis was planning to visit the historic cathedral during her whirlwind Paris tour this week. However, in light of the tragic fire, she now has several free hours to spend on other tourist sites.

“Well I guess that frees up a few hours on Friday morning,” Lekkis said. “I wasn’t that crazy about Notre Dame anyway, but my friend had already booked us on a tour …”

“I mean I was kinda hoping to visit the Catacombs,” she added. “Or I could just sleep in and go to a cafe for breakfast.”

Maybe it’s not such a tragedy after all.

Lekkis told The Tragic Traveller that while her travel mate was devastated by the news, she was looking on the bright side.

“Yeah, Sharlene’s distraught,” Lekkis said. “I think she had a crush on the Hunchback when she was a kid or something.”

“I know this probably isn’t the best time to ask,” she added. “But I’ve already paid for my tour. Can I like get a refund? I mean it was bloody expensive.”

Just minutes after the cathedral’s tower collapsed, witnesses spotted Lekkis pumping her fist as her travel agent confirmed that yes, indeed, she could get a refund.

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