Backpacker who doesn’t realise it’s Easter continues sinning just as much as usual

In open defiance of God, Irish backpacker Billy Charlesford has this weekend continued sinning as if it weren’t even Easter.

The 32-year-old full-time traveller – who is currently in Cambodia – has committed exactly as many trespasses as he would on a normal weekend, despite it being the holiest time of year on the Christian calendar. Charlesford told The Tragic Traveller he’d completely lost track of time, and as such had carried on lying, watching porn, and consuming drugs at his regular rate.

“Usually over Easter my Catholic guilt is strong enough to stop me from behaving badly for at least 48 hours,” Charlesford said. “Maybe it’s because I’m in a Buddhist country, or maybe it’s because I’ve been smashing cones every day for the past three months, but this year I just plum forgot about Easter.”

“Hopefully the big man upstairs will let this one slide haha,” he added while rolling another joint.

Charlesford said now he’d already blown the chance to be pious for a few days, he may as well go the hog and turn his long weekend into a proper bender. The backpacker said pills, gambling, and pre-marital sex were all on the cards.

“In for a penny, in for a pound, ‘ey?” he said. “If I’m going to Hell, I may as well have some fun along the way.”

At publication time, Charlesford was on his way to a nearby strip club to enjoy the half-price Easter Sunday promotion.

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