Neck pillow not as comfortable as hoped

A frequent international traveller has confirmed the neck pillow her mum gave her for Christmas is a huge disappointment.

Celia Wong, 26, told The Tragic Traveller the inflatable pillow “does absolutely fuck all” to help her sleep on long flights. Having tested it on her most recent flight, Wong decided she’d have more chance of falling asleep by drinking four gin and tonics and slumping against the window.

“It feels like a blow-up doll is trying to strangle me,” Wong said of the pillow. “I thought it would help me sleep, but actually it just makes me look like a wanker.”

Wong said not only does the seam dig into the back of her neck, but the pillow also loses air at an alarming rate.

“By the time I finally drift off to sleep, the bloody thing is half-empty,” she said. “Worst 30 bucks Mum ever spent, I reckon.”

At publication time, witnesses spotted Wong getting into a taxi at Beijing Airport seemingly unaware that the wretched pillow was still around her neck.

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