Iranian host apparently wasn’t kidding about serving boiled sheep’s head for breakfast

Today’s breakfast was hard to stomach for one traveller after her Iranian host boiled a sheep’s head for breakfast.

Czech backpacker Petra Klimnitzkova found herself trying to swallow the cheek, tongue, and eyeball of an actual sheep after the misunderstanding. She said she’d forced down three mouthfuls of meat and half a bowl of the accompanying soup before her gag reflex kicked in.

“I asked my host what a typical Persian breakfast was, and she said she loves nothing more than boiled sheep’s head,” Klimnitzkova said. “She laughed so hard that I assumed she was joking, so I was like ‘Let’s eat sheep’s head!'”

“Next thing I know she’s waking up at 4 am to go to the market and buy all the ingredients. Sure enough, five hours later, there’s an actual sheep’s head on the table, staring directly into my soul.”

Klimnitzkova told The Tragic Traveller she was considering becoming a vegetarian after the harrowing ordeal.

“Honestly, it tasted pretty nice, but it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen come out of a pot,” Klimnitzkova said. “Like, I’ve watched horror movies where the monsters are less hideous than that thing. It looked like the skull of a demon had melted on my plate, and I had to eat it …”

Shortly after the breakfast, witnesses saw Klimnitzkova washing the meal down with two litres of saffron ice cream.

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