Mate proves he’s better than you by posting YET ANOTHER photo of his volunteer work in Africa

Your most obnoxiously generous mate has once again shown he’s better than you.

According to Insta, your buddy Pratyush is saving the world while you slave away at a low-end corporate job that doesn’t even pay that well. The hero last night posted yet another photo from his 1.5-2-week volunteering stint in a remote Kenyan village, further cementing the fact that he is superior to you in every way.

In between teaching a class of orphans and serving food at the local hospital, 28-year-old Pratyush took five minutes out of his busy schedule to share his inspirational message with The Tragic Traveller.

“I think we all want to make the world a better place,” Pratyush said, even though he knows assholes like you clearly don’t. “I decided to do that using a hands-on approach, you know?”

“But some people choose to make a difference by going down the corporate path. I completely respect that choice,” he added, disingenuously.

Pratyush said he posts stories and photos of his exploits in the hope that his friends back home will donate to one of the many causes he supports. He said that while most people can’t find the time to work as tirelessly for noble causes as he does, they might at least spread his message of hope by occasionally sharing some of the selfies he takes with local kids.

“Volunteering is the least I can do,” Pratyush said, implying that you aren’t even doing the bare minimum. “By publicly documenting every good deed I do in extensive detail, I hope to inspire others to follow in my footsteps.”

“I wouldn’t quite describe myself as Mother Teresa just yet,” he added from way up on his high horse. “But yes, humanitarian work inspires me to get out of bed every day. What inspires you?”

Shortly after Pratyush posted the photo, he gave a shout-out to all the friends who’d donated to the orphanage. Your name wasn’t included, which proves beyond doubt that he’s better than you, you selfish prick.

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