Lovely Kiwi family have no idea how many cones are about to get ripped in their used 1997 Estima

Having purchased a prized Toyota Estima van from a nice local family, the Macdonafels, Lance, 22, and his girlfriend Summer, 25, plan to utilize their new private space to the fullest.

“We have an ounce of weed left from our time apple picking in Nelson. This is gonna be sick,” Summer told our reporter.

The Toyota Estima is renowned for being large enough to fit a full double mattress and storage while being cheap enough for couples who have just burnt out of Bali. But, thanks to the huge breakdown rate from drivers who aren’t used to driving in a country made entirely of 45-degree climbs, the Estima van is becoming an increasingly finite resource.

Lance and Summer hit the jackpot, getting a well-maintained camper from a very lovely Kiwi family in northern Otago for less than $2000. Which is almost as much as the couple are going to spend on bush marijuana over the next few weeks.

“Look, the hostels I’ve been in for the past four months have had strict no-drugs policies,” said Lance, while looking for his $59 pouch of tobacco under the pillows. “These guys were alive in the ’80s, they know what’s up.”

While the Macdonafels, who have lived in Oamaru since moving down from Hamilton in 2008, had suspected that the couple would certainly take advantage of the mattress space in the back, they remain blissfully unaware of the other plans of the American stoners.

“They seemed nice,” said Tracy, 52, the matriarch of the very pleasant family of four. “I hope they have a nice trip.”

“Our kids basically grew up in that car. I’m sure her new owners will treat her well.”

The family had been trying to get a cash buyer for their old van for a while. As a way of saying thanks, they have let the dreadlocked couple stay on their hobby farm just a few miles out of Moeraki. The father, Pete, 55, even offered them some work around the farm if they wanted a bit of extra cash, which they politely refused.

“Nah. The moment the rego gets transferred I’m driving up to Wanaka and hotboxing the fuck out of this thing,” said Summer. “I can’t wait to drive out to the middle of nowhere, sleep under the stars, and get absolutely blazed without worrying about German school-leavers trying to scab weed off me.”

At publication time, the Macdonafels had reportedly offered to make the couple some dinner, to be served after the couple’s oddly long nature walk with their teenage son, Scott.

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