British tourists in Turkey enjoy their 10 am cocktails without the guilt as Ramadan ends

British tourists in the Turkish coastal destination of Antalya are today celebrating the end of Ramadan with a few stiff morning drinks on the beach. 

After 30 days of judgment from their fasting Turkish hosts, the tipsy Brits were ecstatic to hear that Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia had declared an end to the Muslim holy month yesterday. They immediately celebrated by heading to the nearest beach bar. 

“Cheers to Eid!” hollered Dave from Sunderland as he raised his third Bloody Mary of the morning. “Here’s to drinking in peace for the rest of this bloody holiday, oi oi!” 

Dave’s mate Mick, from Milton Keynes, admitted he’d been drinking just as much as usual during Ramadan. 

“Honestly mate, I brought 10 litres of Special Brew over in me suitcase,” Mick told The Tragic Traveller. “For the last two weeks I’ve been drinking it secretly in me ‘otel room. I just can’t deal with the judgmental stares, innit.” 

“From tomorra, though, I’ll be smashing the Efes in public like a proper Brit.” 

Just before midday, witnesses saw the British tourists asking where they could get some roast pork for lunch. On discovering that pig meat is frowned upon in Turkey, Dave said he’d settle for a bacon sandwich instead. 

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