Clearly unstable stock photo model experiences wild mood swings during brief trip to the beach

A stock photo model who is clearly suffering from some form of multiple-personality disorder has scared the shit out of her photographer with her uncontrolled mood swings during a 15-minute photo shoot on the beach.

The model, Yanet – who has gained fame as the face of several memes – was posing for some generic beach shots when the mental breakdown began. Her photographer told The Tragic Traveller he didn’t know what to do, so he just kept taking photos in the hope of selling them on Shutterstock later.

Could her rocky relationship with Javier – a serial womaniser and over-the-shoulder perv – be the cause of these wild mood swings?

“Yanet is legit crazy. One minute she’s relaxed and smiling, the next she’s screaming at me for no reason whatsoever,” the photographer said. “I felt a bit better when she started laughing 30 seconds later. Then all of a sudden she’s climbing up onto the rocks, bawling her eyes out.”

“People say she’s great at expressing emotions in her stock photos,” he added. “But fuck me, I didn’t ask her to do any of that. I just wanted some promotional shots for my stepbrother’s beach towel brand.”

Despite being on holiday in a Brazilian resort town, the stock photo model seemed far from relaxed. The photographer said Yanet’s emotional whirlwind may have been triggered by an encounter with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Javier.

“Don’t get me started on her fucking boyfriend,” the photographer said. “Those two are toxic as fuck. While I was trying to get a snap of her wrapped up in a designer beach towel, she kept complaining about how Javier’s always looking over his shoulder at other girls when they’re walking down the street. But instead of dumping him, this idiot agrees to marry him. Now I have to hear all about their shitty relationship while I’m trying to take photos!”

Yanet has agreed to marry Javier, despite his numerous infidelities and apparent preference for girls in red tops.

At publication time, Javier had arrived at the scene holding a bouquet of flowers to apologise for his most recent affair. However, the happy moment was short-lived as Yanet discovered a scandalously obvious lipstick mark on the collar of his flannelette shirt. Mere minutes later, the couple had made up once again, seemingly happy to continue the ridiculous soap opera that is their lives.

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