Sun-filled Insta posts from back home remind German backpacker just how shit Melbourne is in June

As Berlin enjoys a 30°C weekend, Eliza Hoffman’s Instagram feed is full of blue skies, picnics, and beers in the park. Unfortunately, while this is the reality for all her friends back home, the German backpacker has endured torrential rain this Saturday as Melbourne lurches unforgivingly into winter.

Fed up with European winters, Hoffman left for Australia early in March, quickly spending all her money in Revs and taking a cafe job in St Kilda for the next six months. Unfortunately, this has put her smack in the middle of Melbourne’s misery season.

“I came here to get a bikini tan and get a picture with a kangaroo,” she said. “But all I’ve worn is a raincoat and the only wildlife I’ve seen is a dead possum.”

Even worse, the group chats back home that Hoffman forgot to mute are full of her friends complaining about the heatwave, while the thermometer in St Kilda plummets to a depressing 14°C.

Hoffman was last seen jealousy scrolling through German weather reports, before risking going outside for a Tim Tam run.

More as the story develops.

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