Female backpacker seeking travel buddy finds true love with creepy older guy in comments section

They say true love conquers all. For two members of the Australia Backpackers 2019 group on Facebook, love has not only overcome a geographical barrier and a 40-year-age differential, but also a worryingly long criminal record.

Dutch backpacker Laura van Duurcht, 21, and Queensland ex-convict Dwayne Pervis, 62, connected via Facebook. Laura posted a message looking for travel buddies to join her on a roadtrip along Australia’s east coast. Apropos of nothing, Dwayne commented with an invitation for her to change her itinerary by 1,000 km and visit him in his remote outback town.

It was love at first sight.

“As soon as Dwayne wrote ‘hey hunny u can cum stay wit me i wont bite,’ on my post in Australia Backpackers 2019, I knew he was the one,” Laura told The Tragic Traveller. “I immediately changed my travel plans. Who wants to spend a week surfing and smoking weed in Byron Bay when you can shoot tins off a fence with an old man in Kynuna?”

Honestly, I said I was looking for travel buddies, but I actually just wanted to meet a man three times my age who lives in a town with no phone reception.

Laura said she’d been consistently rejected by Australian guys of her own age who found her blonde hair, blue eyes, and shapely figure repulsive.

“As a 21-year-old girl from Europe, it’s really hard for me to attract men,” she lamented. “Thank god I met an experienced guy like Dwayne, who owns his own tractor and keeps snakes as pets. He’s just so dreamy!”

“I love all the funny little Australian slang he uses,” Laura added with a chuckle. “Last night, when we were cuddling on the old mattress in his shed, he told me he’d ‘had a stint in the boneyard for offing some gronk down the bottle-o.’ I have no idea what that means, but it’s just so cute when he talks like that!”

The Tragic Traveller asked Dwayne to comment on his newfound true love. “Yeah, she’s me fucken’ Cinderella,” he grunted.

“But I’ve double-booked meself with three Italian birds comin’ this way on Wednesday,” added the inexplicably successful ladies’ man. “That could be pretty fucken’ awkward.”

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