WTF?? This bus driver from a remote Bolivian village doesn’t speak English!

To the dismay of a loud American tourist, the Bolivian man driving the local bus from Gayos to Pozo del Cura doesn’t speak English.

Local sources have confirmed that bus driver Ramon Fuentes, 43, only knows a handful of words in English. Despite his broad smile and enthusiastic body language, Fuentes can’t explain why the AC isn’t working to the angry American man.

“I can’t believe he doesn’t speak English,” said the tourist, who asked to remain anonymous. “Doesn’t he have a TV or go to the movies or something?”

“If you work in the tourism industry you should at least know conversational English,” added the red-faced American, who despite growing up in Miami still thinks “por qué” means “please.”

The Tragic Traveller’s contacts in Gayos can reveal that that Fuentes, who had to leave school at 14 to support his terminally ill mother, can’t even count to 10 in the world’s most widely spoken language.

“He should really take classes or something to upskill himself,” the tourist said of Fuentes, who works 65 hours a week to put food on the table for his wife and five children.

At the time of publication, a warmly grinning Fuentes was overheard telling the tourist to “Vete a la mierda.”

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