Desperately single traveller finishes Tinder 80 seconds after arriving in Australian country town

Pickings are slim in the Australian country town of Strathbogie, as Scottish backpacker Huw McLoughon has just found out. It looks like the crushingly lonely 26-year-old’s dry spell is set to continue, with Tinder yet again failing to provide.

Having elected to do his farm work in Strathbogie, Huw could be in for a long 88 days. Just over a minute after connecting to the Wi-Fi at the town’s only hostel, Huw had already burned through the entire local supply of eligible bachelorettes without success.

“I’m only 80 seconds in and I’ve already struck out with every single lady this side of Wangaratta,” Huw told The Tragic Traveller. “I’m not panicking though. Let’s stretch this radius out to 100 kays and see what we can find.”

Despite increasing his potential catchment zone to an area roughly the size of Belgium, Huw was still unable to find a single woman willing to even consider going out with him.

“That’s 14 swipes right and zero matches. Fuck.”

Shortly before publication, Huw had finally registered a match just 97 km from his Australian country town. This success came after increasing his age limit to 65 and making the tough decision to ignore all references to children and grandchildren.

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