Broke backpacker treats self to dinner at McDonald’s

A backpacker with barely a penny to his name has tonight splashed out and treated himself to dinner at McDonald’s.

Jorgen Johannsen, an unemployed Norwegian on a working holiday visa in Australia, has been struggling to make ends meet since arriving in Sydney. But after more than a month of instant Mi Goreng and sauceless pasta for dinner, the 21-year-old needed a break.

Grasping eight whole dollars in his right hand, Johannsen ventured into the world-famous Engadine Macca’s. He ordered a medium Big Mac meal and, as a special treat, substituted the Coke for a thickshake.

“I wouldn’t normally eat at a place like this,” Johannsen admitted to the 15-year-old cashier, who couldn’t care less. “But hey, this is better than two-minute noodles, am I right?”

When asked if he’d like to upgrade his meal for an extra $1.95, the backpacker decided to allow himself one final indulgence.

“Go on then, supersize me,” he said, a childlike grin spreading across his face.

After a tantalising two minute wait, the trainee handed over the much-anticipated meal.

“Yay! Quality food!” Johannsen said, greatly overestimating the nutritional value of the unidentified C-grade meat, two-year-old vegetables, and sugar-laden bread he’d just received.

About 15 minutes after the rush from the overly calorific dinner at McDonald’s wore off, Johannsen began to feel slightly McSick.

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