Traveller forces common room to play by his weird rules for Shithead

Every traveller has played the most legendary of all backpacker card games: Shithead. Unfortunately, they don’t always agree on the rules.

Slight variations are common from hostel to hostel, but it’s usually not a big deal. However, at the Shaggy Rabbit Hostel in Helsinki, there’s a growing friction in tonight’s round of cards. Despite the universally agreed on magic cards of Shithead being 2, 3, and 10, Jimmy Flunsko from Canada has forcefully insisted everyone play by his weird-ass rules.

“Yeah, we play 4, 8, and jack as magic cards,” said the obviously wrong dealer. “That’s how it’s played everywhere else, bro.”

Though this was a lie, the game continued uncontested.

More problems arose when Flunsko started to claim that aces could be played on sevens, but the burn card couldn’t.

“What the actual fuck are you talking about?” asked another player, Marianne di Silva, from Italy. “Nobody has ever played that rule, ever.”

“C’mon,” he replied. “Just play by the normal rules. They might grow on you.”

The round of Shithead ended prematurely after Flunsko was hit in the head with a bottle for insisting that playing four of a kind doesn’t burn the pile.

More high-stakes to come.

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