Hostel manager heartbroken as awesome Spotify playlist goes uncomplimented yet again

The hostel manager behind the amazing tunes at the Groovy Goat in Buenos Aires has failed to receive even the slightest shred of recognition for her absolutely banging Spotify playlist for the 574th night in a row.

Senior receptionist and part-time DJ Sara-Antonia Goncalves-Castillo was once again devastated by the snub. Not a single one of the hostel’s 43 guests took the time to thank her for dropping such an incredible selection of crunchy beats while they played drinking games on Friday night.

One of the golden musical discoveries Sara-Antonia’s guests have completely failed to appreciate.

“I don’t even know why I bother,” Sara-Antonia told The Tragic Traveller through tears. “Nobody understands just how much time and effort I’ve spent compiling THE PERFECT PLAYLIST for any hostel scenario. It strikes the ideal balance between alternative and popular, upbeat and chill. But THEY don’t care.”

They either get so drunk that they think Nickelback is good music, or they spend the whole night brooding in the corner with their headphones on.

Despite the fact that her eight-hour playlist rises and falls perfectly to the rhythm of a night at an atmospheric hostel and has rave reviews online, Sara-Antonia can’t hasn’t received even a word of affirmation from a guest for more than a year.

“You know, I constantly update this list to keep it as phresh as can be,” she said. “Before tonight’s session, I added a song by an obscure Serbian new-wave jazz band that was released today. TODAY! “

“They all loved it. But as soon as it was over, Travis from Alabama told me to ‘play that banger by Justin Bieber.’ I mean, really …”

Just before midnight, the hostel manager had come to the end of her tether. She began screaming at her lame-ass guests demanding that someone finally compliment her Spotify playlist. The best she got was a “good for you” from a Dutch bloke in a $130 Kanye tee.

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  • August 15, 2019 at 12:44 am

    What is the name of the playlist?


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