Once-in-a-lifetime cruise through Norwegian fjords not as interesting as what Tracy just tweeted

Despite paying more than $2,000 for her seven-day cruise along through the Norwegian fjords, 26-year-old American tourist Melissa has found something more interesting than the world’s most dramatic coastal scenery to keep her entertained.

It seems Mother Nature’s crowning glory will have to take a back seat, at least until the Twitter feud between her two best friends back home abates.

“Oh Tracy, you’re such a scandalous little bitch!” Melissa said out loud in response to a mean tweet, eyes fixated on her phone.

“Why would you even say something like that about Samantha? Come on, girl!” she added, completely missing the money shot of Sognefjord out the window.

When the passenger next to her politely suggested that she might enjoy the view at this particular point of the cruise, Melissa snapped.

“Please, ma’am, this is SERIOUS! If I don’t defuse this situation before Shawna gets involved, our girls trip to Cancun in October will be awks AF. These Norwegian fjords will just have to wait.”

Just as Melissa was about to send Tracy a calming video of kittens in a bucket, the Wi-Fi cut out, forcing the distraught woman to look out the window at the stupid fjords she’d paid so much money to see.

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