Italian family reaches 100 decibels during casual conversation on night train

Those four Italian passengers in the next cabin of your night train are speaking loudly enough to wake the dead, local scientists can confirm.

Despite the fact that it’s midnight and they’re just chatting about the inane stuff that’s happening back home, the Italian family’s conversation has registered a peak volume of 104 decibels. That’s as loud as a jet engine or a jackhammer.

Scientists identified the cause of the ear-splitting noise with the help of sophisticated technology. But they’d initially feared a major technical fault with the train’s engine had caused the commotion.

“All these trains contain sensitive monitoring equipment that detects any mechanical problems that may result in loud noises,” one technician said. “We were extremely concerned that several moving parts had dislodged and were grinding against each other. But then we realised that sound was just a family of four having a relaxed conversation in Italian.”

The Tragic Traveller spoke to a passenger who was having severe difficulty sleeping with all the noise.

“Lovely language, Italian,” the man said. “I just wish they’d speak it A TAD MORE QUIETLY. CHEERS.”

“For people who invented the musical term piano,” the man added, “most Italians I’ve met seem to talk pretty bloody forte all the time.”

Shortly after reporters from The Tragic Traveller boarded the night train, the offending tourists got the message and started whispering, which was somehow even louder.

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