Attractive colleagues sharing hotel room on work trip probably just playing chess right now

Those two totally attractive colleagues of yours are almost certainly just playing chess in their shared hotel room right now, the HR manager of your company has confirmed.

Sara and Fabio – both solid nines – embarked yesterday on a last-minute trip to Paris to seal an important deal. Ever since, rumours have been circulating around the office that the deal they’re sealing is, in fact, with each other.

“I want to categorically deny all insinuations that our two staff members are using this work trip to ‘get jiggy with it,'” Karen from HR said. “We have a strict policy forbidding workplace affairs,” she added, neglecting to mention her own dubious dalliance with Gary from Sales last year.

Despite the fact you and literally everyone else in the office have seen the pair making eyes at each other for months, Karen remained iron-clad in her assertion that nothing dodgy was going down.

“Yeah, money’s a bit tight, so we had to put them up together in a double room. And our clients did buy them several bottles of champagne and a very generous portion of oysters for dinner. And both of them are recently single part-time models in their mid-20s …” Karen said.

“But I can’t see how any of that could lead people to the ridiculous conclusion that they’re ‘boning down’ on this trip. I’m sure they’re just playing chess or something.”

At publication time, guests in the neighbouring room had reported that the attractive colleagues were indeed playing the noisiest game of chess ever. The puzzled guests couldn’t work out why such a calm game required so much thumping and moaning.

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