Man paying $6 a night for 16-bed dorm wants to talk to you about an exciting crypto investment opportunity

Travel can be an expensive hobby, but not when you have an endless supply of cryptocurrency profits coming your way. That’s what Darren, the bearded guy eating two-minute noodles in your hostel common room, is explaining to the his fellow guests right now.

While Darren missed out on the Bitcoin boom of 2017, he was smart enough to get in early on the next world-changing cryptocurrency: CrocCoin. He’s riding a rough patch now, having invested almost all his life savings in CrocCoin. But that’s okay, because Darren knows he’s on the cusp of striking it rich.

“I guarantee you, mate, three months. That’s when this baby’s gunna explode,” said the unemployed ‘digital nomad,’ subconsciously picking at one of the ciggie holes in his faded Bitcoin T-shirt. “Then it’s straight to a yacht in the Bahamas for me. No more of this backpacking shit haha.”

Despite the lukewarm reactions he’s been getting all night, Darren has continued to broach the topic with several of the other guests in his 16-bed dorm.

“You should invest like ASAP,” he told a 43-year-old Japanese lady who was too polite to ignore him. “We’re expecting a 900% return by the end of the year, what with all the improvements to the ecosystem. But make sure you get in before the CrocCoin marketplace goes live – that’s gunna be HUGE.”

He then went on to explain his flawed reasons for why he expects the coin to take over some unspecified $100 trillion industry.

“So you see, because the supply is limited, the value is bound to increase. It’s a sure bet, mate,” he said while sipping on someone else’s beer, which he’d nicked from the communal fridge.

Shortly before retreating to his $6-a-night bunk bed, Darren scoured the common room to see if there was any leftover food up for grabs.

One thought on “Man paying $6 a night for 16-bed dorm wants to talk to you about an exciting crypto investment opportunity

  • September 9, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    I was told about how cryprocurrency is gonna take over. I met someone who invested in bitcoin about 7 years before it started to gain value. When he first invested everyone said he was stupid.

    I mean, I could really use a cryprocurrency tutor… Js…


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