Serbian traveller explains for the 16th time today that she’s not from Siberia

A Serbian traveller is on the brink of losing it after being mistaken for Siberian by her hostel roommates for the 16th time this morning.

Backpacker Milica Svetoliković, 25, is sick to death of all the misplaced Siberia jokes that are part and parcel of life as a Serb overseas. She told The Tragic Traveller she can’t handle the stupidity anymore.

“Can these people not spell?” she asked in frustration. “I don’t expect you to know where Serbia is on a map, but you should at least know that we exist.”

“I mean, nobody made this mistake in the ’90s,” she added bitterly, thinking back to a time when everybody seemed to have an opinion about Serbia.

Milica was interrupted mid-rant by a 19-year-old Californian asking what life was like under Stalin.

“How fucking old do you think I am?” she screamed.

And to answer your follow-up questions, no, I wasn’t conceived in a gulag, and no, I’ve never lost any toes to frostbite.

The Californian then complicated matters by saying he’d heard it gets cold where she’s from. 

“No!” she yelled instinctively. “Well actually yes, but… You know what, just google it!”

A few minutes later, another of Milica’s guests added a fresh twist to the saga by mistaking the Serbian traveller for Syrian. 

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