BREAKING: Dirty dishes left in shared kitchen sink to “soak”

European stock markets have come to a halt today following the news that a trailblazing guest at the Madrid Snooze’n’booze Hostel has chosen to leave his dirty dishes in the sink. 

Charles Bentoit-Cleuseau, a 27-year-old backpacker from Lyon, France, has presumably been letting his mum cleaning up after him for nearly three decades. At least, this is what The Tragic Traveller speculates about a grown man who can’t be bothered to spend 2.3 seconds cleaning a fucking plate.

“That’s not my plate. I wash up after every meal,” he lied.

After continued questioning from our reporter, Charles eventually admitted that he did indeed leave the remains of his homemade chicken madras in the hostel’s only sink.

“I left it in soapy water to soak. If you leave it to soak it cleans up better,” he said, never intending to set foot in that kitchen again.

UPDATE: The Tragic Traveller has since learned that Charles has checked out without doing his dishes. Neither his former roommates nor hostel staff intend to wash the dirty dishes, claiming “it’s not our mess” and therefore “not our responsibility.”

More on this story as it develops.

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