Village man about to do something awful to that chicken

Onlookers are waiting in suspense as an Albanian village man holds the fate of a local chicken quite literally in his hands.

Just minutes ago it appeared the chicken would live to squawk another day, having escaped from the bloodthirsty villager’s grasp. But after a heart-pumping chase through several shops and, apparently, someone’s living room, Dalmat caught his prized chook, with the help of six tourists and about 15 locals.

The man now looks poised to do something extremely graphic that none of the watching tourists will be able to forget anytime soon.

“Oh lord, this isn’t going to end well,” Helga from Germany told The Tragic Traveller. “I don’t know exactly what he’s planning, but I’m worldly enough to realise that poor chicken will be nuggets by tomorrow morning.”

I want to look away but I just can’t…

Grinning widely, Dalmat walks over to the group of tourists, chicken still flailing madly in his grip. One by one he shakes their hands to thank them for helping him catch the runaway bird, genuine warmth in his eyes. Then, quick as a flash, he snaps the chicken’s neck and offers its lifeless corpse to Helga.

“Welcome to my country!” he says, beaming. “Here, you take, make good foods tonight.”

Helga, dead chicken in hand, smiles weakly at the village man and silently decides to become a vegetarian.

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