Heroic Ryanair employee prevents catastrophic plane crash by forcing passenger to check in 9 kg bag

The quick thinking of one brave Ryanair employee has prevented a calamitous plane crash, media outlets are reporting. 

Check-in operator Sharon O’Hughesby works out of Manchester Airport. As she was herding guests onto this morning’s convenient 3:55 am flight to an airport two hours outside of New York, she noticed something suspicious. 

One nervous, sweaty passenger was trying to pass off his 9 kg roller bag as under the weight limit. The clearly psychopathic man had tried to smuggle two whole kilograms of extra luggage into the cabin. 

Thankfully, Sharon’s sharp eye detected this grievous crime before any damage was done. She told the man off, charged him £50, spat in his eye, then sent the offending bag below deck where it belonged. 

“I don’t know what to say – my training just kicked in,” a clearly shaken Sharon told The Tragic Traveller. “To think such a dangerously heavy bag was so close to bringing that whole plane down. If we’d allowed that lunatic to bring it into the cabin with him… well, the nightmares will keep me up for years to come.” 

It’s believed hundreds of people were on the plane, which would surely have dropped out of the sky if Sharon had not redirected the 9 kg bag below deck. 

“I don’t want people to think of me as a hero,” the Ryanair employee said. “Just remember me as a woman who did her job… and screwed a poor man out of £50 in the process.” 

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