Tourist wearing T-shirt in Edinburgh in late October could get used to global warming

Global warming might be the greatest problem facing humanity today, but at least one Aussie tourist is quietly stoked about the nice weather.

Jezza, 23, is one of approximately 2.6 million Australians currently on a working holiday in Edinburgh. The Adelaide native had packed for a harsh winter, but so far he’s barely had to even whip out his hoodie.

“Mate, this is bloody lovely!” Jezza – sporting a Hawaiian T-shirt – told The Tragic Traveller. “I arrived here expecting wind, sleet, and depression. Instead, I’m rolling round town in me thongs and boardies catching some rays. It’s late fucken’ October and I’m toasty, mate!”

Asked whether he was concerned about the drastic rise in temperatures across the globe, Jezza remained positive.

“If you ask me, it’s all a bloody beat-up mate,” Jezza said, conspiratorially. “Everyone’s freaking out about that Greta chick and them extinction protesters, but I reckon they need to chill. Make hay while the sun shines… If the sun doesn’t overheat and burn the hay – and the planet – to a crisp, that is.”

According to witness reports, Jezza later acknowledged the seriousness of the situation after realising he’d got a second-degree sunburn in Scotland. 

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