Smug prick at hostel wants you to know he’s been to Uzbekistan

Every traveller knows the only thing better than visiting an exotic destination is one-upping fellow travellers with stories about said destination for years to come.

That’s what Cody, a 27-year-old from some British town you’ve never heard of, is doing right now. He’s been making eyes roll for nearly an hour at the Slippery Snake Hostel in Singapore. 

You see, Cody is an I-specialist. He’s one of those infuriating travellers who manage to turn every conversation into a story about themselves. 

Cody’s special skill is mentioning the four days he spent in Uzbekistan in 2015. No matter whether you try to talk about food, politics, or drunken shenanigans, Cody will find a way to remind you that you’re not as intrepid an explorer as he is. 

Oh random! Yeah, that reminds me of this time in Uzbekistan…

That’s Cody’s go-to line. So far tonight, he’s dropped it six times. He’s recounted such riveting tales as that time he tried pulao with goat meat and that occasion when he was slightly inconvenienced for a full eight minutes by some grumpy border guards. 

Oh look, here he goes again. 

“Yeah, that’s well interesting. Actually, something similar happened to me in Uzbekistan…”

Everybody groans. He rattles on for 10 whole minutes. 

“… anyway, it turned out my passport was in my backpack all along! How mental is that?!” 

At this point, the token Australian in the group grabs the bottle of vodka and takes a very large swing. After all, the only cure for a Cody is lots and lots of booze. 

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