Broke traveller reschedules family Christmas visit to mid-March after checking airfares

A broke traveller is backpedaling out of her commitment to return home for Christmas after a quick Skyscanner session reminded her just how shitty holiday-season airfares are, sources have confirmed. 

Sheila, a 23-year-old Kiwi, has been bumming around Southeast Asia for more than a year. She had no intention of coming home to Auckland until her mum gave her the full guilt trip about how lonely Christmas is without her. After much cajoling, she tentatively agreed to spend a week of prime party season at home with her folks. 

That was until she checked the prices of flights leaving on December 22.

“Fuck,” Sheila said loudly enough for everyone in her hostel dorm to hear. She quickly called her mum, even though it was 3:45 am back home. 

“Hey Mum! Sooo…”

The conversation did not go well. 

“But Muuum, the tix are like $400 cheaper if we do Christmas in March!” she protested. “I mean, unless you want to pay the difference… Okay okay, forget that then.”

At publication time, the broke traveller was struggling with the ethical dilemma of whether to go home or stay and spend her flight money on several months worth of booze and accommodation in Thailand. 

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