4 heavenly tropical destinations where you can shirk your duty as the leader of a burning nation

Things can get really stressful around this time of year. You have a mountain of work to take care of before the holidays. You still haven’t bought any of your Christmas presents. And the country you’ve been elected leader of is burning to the ground at an unprecedented rate.

You deserve a break, despite what those peasant voters might say. After all, you shouldn’t be expected to “do something” just because a chunk of land bigger than Wales is currently on fire in the country you run! 

If you want to leave the bushfires behind so you can get lit in paradise, we’ve scouted four of the best tropical destinations for you.


Feel your stress melt away like the windows of a fire-ravaged Blue Mountains farmhouse. Watch on as locals roast a pig, but try not to think about all the farm animals and local wildlife that have been killed in the past few weeks back home. Enjoy the refreshing afternoon rains. 

Remember rain? You know, the stuff you haven’t seen in your own country for several years because of the drought? Water that falls from the sky? 

Anyway, this is not the time to worry about all that. The only thing that’ll be burning in Fiji is your extremely white skin under the hot sun, Mr Prime Minister. 


The water is at your doorstep when you visit this tiny island nation. Like, literally at your doorstep. Maybe even inside your doorstep. As in you’d better bring a pair of gumboots and an inflatable boat, just in case. 

But don’t worry – this isn’t the consequence of some catastrophic global event we’ve known about for decades. Nah. In fact, there’s no cause for needless anxiety whatsoever! 

Just make sure you visit soon, because this beautiful island nation might not exist this time next year


“Aloha! I’m Scotty from Marketing. Welcome to Hawaii!” 

That middle-age Aussie bloke with white hair and glasses sure does seem friendly! It’s almost like he too has dodged all his responsibilities as an elected leader by fleeing to Hawaii during a national emergency

What an inspiration! 


Alright, this might seem a bit different from the other tropical destinations we’ve mentioned. But hey, global warming, right? Just wait a few years and even Siberia will be perfect for a December beach holiday… 

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