Backpacker resolves to continue drinking, partying, not having a job in 2020

It’s not so much a new year’s resolution as a renewed commitment to staying the course.

Aussie backpacker Dan “Da Man” Manlingham has today publicly vowed to continue “being a mad dog and not give into mainstream ideas of how to live life.”

Dan made the big announcement – accompanied by several hundred hashtags and a shirtless photo on a miscellaneous Southeast Asian beach – on Instagram. The Tragic Traveller was unable to ascertain how many likes the post got, although we know it was more than two.

After analysing Da Man’s financial status and travel history, we can reveal that this message actually means: “I’m going to keep borrowing money from my parents to spend on booze and strippers in Thailand, and I’m never getting a job.”

In response to several positive comments on his post from fellow free spirits who are also funded by the Bank of Mum and Dan, Da Man doubled down.

“#maketravelnotwork, amirite?” he typed in internet gibberish. “We’re human beings, not human doings.”

However, mere hours after sharing his 2020 mantra with the world, Da Man was struggling to keep his resolution to avoid getting a job, having been offered a lucrative employment opportunity as a drug mule. 

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