Conscientious full-time backpacker starts travelling from home

Amid the exponential spread of COVID-19, conscientious people across the globe have decided to socially distance themselves to minimise the impact of the pandemic.

One such hero is full-time backpacker Marieke Heindrichssen. She has today made the tough decision to abstain from all forms of actual travel. Instead, she’ll be moving her “social-conscious-expanding” and “cultural-barrier-removal” work online for the foreseeable future. 

“Today I made one of the toughest decisions of my life,” the Norwegian said to her 126 Instagram followers in a message accompanied by a photo of her doing the downward-facing dog in her parents’ penthouse apartment in Oslo. 

“Effective immediately, my travels will be restricted entirely to this 350 ㎡apartment, and the 80 ㎡ terrace surrounding it.” Marieke added a sadface emoji to show how serious the situation was. 

“While I consider my full-time occupation of hitchhiking between European capitals, getting drunk with exchange students, and then crashing at strangers’ apartments for free to be an essential service, it appears that the government disagrees,” Marieke continued.

“As such, I’ll be offering all my services remotely until further notice. So, if you want to see me posing for unnecessary selfies where you can’t even see what’s in the background or throwing up after drinking 16 shots of vodka on a Monday night, you’ll have to do it via my Snapchat.”

Like any wannabe influencer, Marieke felt it necessary to sign off with a message of social responsibility, despite the fact that four days ago she’d been at a massive warehouse rave snogging strangers indiscriminately. 

“Let’s all remember to socially distance over the next few months so we can beat this thing together! #stayathome.”

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