“WE DON’T NEED FACT-CHECKING!” tweets travelpreneur who’s been to 513 countries and makes $25 billion a year

Twitter’s decision to fact-check a tweet by Donald Trump has caused unexpected chaos on social media, with many of the internet’s most devout liars jumping to the president’s defence.

One such leech is self-styled ‘travelpreneur’ Zaine Guggenheimer. The 26-year-old Californian is one of those annoyingly optimistic influencers whose promoted pictures of himself and his unrealistically attractive girlfriend brag about “earning money while travelling.”

Of course, Zaine’s posts never fully explain how he and Peggy manage to sustain their lavish lifestyle working six hours a week on their MacBook Pros. To uncover that secret, you’ll have to sign up for his webinar course. And that costs $29.99 per session for the 12-session ‘starter pack,’ plus a $20 booking fee and an extremely dodgy $34.99 postage and handling fee…

Why would you trust Zaine? Because he’s “travelled to seriously like 500 countries” and earns “billions, brah. Literally billions.” That’s according to his own Facebook ads, which have for some reason never come under scrutiny from Mark Zuckerberg.

Upon hearing that his neoliberal idol, Donald Trump, had been flagged by Twitter for little more than sharing a harmless conspiracy theory about voter fraud, the self-labelled ‘adventure capitalist’ didn’t hold back.

“I am so fricking PISSED OFF right now!” Zaine screamed into the void. “Why they gotta be targeting my man Don? You think Jack Dorsey really knows better than the US President?”

Twitters (sic) nothing more than a bunch of pussy liberal cucks!

While he seemed genuinely upset that his bro Donny had fallen foul of the fact-check, there’s also a very good chance Zaine was concerned that some of his own questionable posts from the past might be flagged. These include his repeated claims that “you too can get hella rich while living the dream” and “airlines actually pay me to fly with them, that’s how famous I am now.”

The Tragic Traveller reached out Politifact to ask for an evaluation of the trustworthiness of Zaine’s claims. The fact-checking agency gave Zaine its lowest possible rating: ‘absolute steaming pile of BS.’

Still, Zaine wasn’t having a bar of what he describes as “the far-left conspiracy to undermine the gratest (sic) US president of all time!”

“Time for Twitter to STFU and leave the fact-checking to the experts,” Zaine finished. “Like Fox News.”

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