Tragedy strikes as plane leaving Florida is forced to return to Florida

Air travellers around the world are today in shock after a horrifying incident involving a 747 flying from Tampa to New Orleans. 

Because of adverse weather conditions above New Orleans, the plane was forced off its flight path. The pilot had no choice but to pull a sharp u-turn and fly the plane right back to the humid hellhole whence it came. 

Black box recordings show that, upon the pilot’s announcement that the plane would be returning to Florida, panic ensued among both passengers and cabin crew. However, when they realised there was nothing they could do, that panic gave way to morbid acceptance. 

Emotionally speaking, there were no survivors. 

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those several hundred people who thought they were leaving Florida but have not, in fact, left Florida,” a government spokesperson said, pausing occasionally to wipe a tear from her eye. 

“Words cannot describe what those families are going through. They had innocently planned a weekend escape to the Big Easy. But instead, they had their vacation so cruelly stolen from them.”

Now, those poor victims are doomed to spend at least another day in Florida. For all we know, they might already be surrounded by alligators or – even worse – old relatives.

A few hours after the incident, President Donald Trump addressed the nation. He reiterated that the only way to protect innocent people from ending up in Florida was for everyone to have the right to buy and carry tickets to Florida. 

Critics of this policy have pointed out that President Trump accepted several large donations from the National Florida Association during his presidential campaign. 

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